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Air Quality of New Mexico, LLC offers the latest testing available for major (mold, VOC, formaldehyde and smoke) allergens that affect indoor air quality. With the results of our testing you will either have hard data concerning your level of allergens, or, in many cases, peace of mind that the allergen level in your home or workplace is not an issue.

Air Quality of New Mexico, LLC offers ozone shocking at saturation levels. Ozone oxidizes noxious or annoying odors, bacteria, viruses and VOC's. Both ozone and oxidation are natural processes that occur in nature. Ozone is produced by high voltage in an electrical storm and has a very short one-half life.

Services offered (click on service for more information):

* Scientific mold inspection
* Third party Quality Control Inspection for mold remediation.
* Inspection reports plus detailed lab analysis from EMLabs P&K, EMSL Analytical or Prism Analytical
* Odor elimination/mitigation


Air Quality of New Mexico offers a standard set of pricing for its services that is competitive with other inspection services except that Air Quality of New Mexico offers much more in each service as well as its scientific Mold Inspection which adheres to strict standards of collection and reporting. In addition:

* A single level mold inspection is generally $325. Additional tests are $60 each. A discount is made for adjacent units.

* An ozone treatment generally ranges from $200-$500. This varies with the complexity/size of the property.

* VOC/MVOC testing is $495 and $395 for each additional test..

* For high volume customers, Air Quality of New Mexico offers a discount that reflects economy of scale pricing.

* Other discounts and special pricing is determined by factors such as multiple locations, size of property, difficulty of access or proximity, etc.

You can be rest assured that Air Quality of New Mexico will perform your inspections or ozone treatment with the utmost care.




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