odor elimination/mitigation

Odors from mold spores, bacteria, viruses and VOC's (cigarette smoke, off-gassing paints, floor coverings, cleaning solvents, etc.). Don't your family, customers and employees deserve protection from these odor causing elements? Not only protection, but also just simple freedom from bad smells. Everyone appreciates a clean smelling indoor environment. Ozone essentially brings nature inside the building environment to oxidize or eliminate offensive odors. By breaking down these carbon based compounds into simpler, less toxic particles, they are rendered harmless and odorless.

As for the germicidal and viruscidal benefits, there is no better solution than ozone shocking. Where disinfectants have their place, they also have their limitations as bacteria can become resistant and quite often they cannot reach or cover every square inch as can a room saturated with an ozone gas. Ozone is widely used in operating rooms, food handling and water treatment facilities, to name a few.

Ozone is safe to use, but it should be applied by a trained operator. The basic rule is no People, Plants or Pets should be present when a room is ozone shocked. As a further precaution, oil paintings and expensive electronics may need to be either removed or covered with plastic. To facilitate the shocking process, we prefer to use the high output/low duration method to minimize any potential damage to household items. No damage should occur due to the low duration shocking period.

Dosage (time duration) of ozone shocking for odors is more art than science. In some cases, a seond application is needed to eliminate stubborn smells. We use a very high output generator (40,000mg/hour), which greatly cuts application time.





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