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David Hartman

David HartmanDavid Hartman attended the Aerotech Technical Institute and has taken the IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards Organization) course on mold inspection. In addition to lecture and text, the course is hands-on with regard to handling the sampling equipment.

Mr. Hartman has taken and passed the Certificate course wth Prism Analytical Technologies. This course outlines the guidelines for field sampling VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and MVOCs (mold volatile organic compounds).

Mr. Hartman has also taken and passed the Radon Measurement Operators Training, administered by Auburn University.

To ensure all laboratory reports are interpreted correctly, Mr. Hartman is also a member of the RespirCare Analytical Services, an international inspection network. Member benefits include a review of all laboratory data by Mr. Michael Buettner, CIE, CIAQM with regard to mold. Additional data on Respircare can be found at www.RespirCareAnalytical.com.

EMLab P&K, EMSL Analytical Laboratories and Prism Analytical Technologies are the unseen partners for Air Quality of New Mexico, LLC. Without a reputable lab to read the collected samples, you only have a technician in the field without benefit of a controlled scientific analysis. One can purchase over the counter home testing kits, but these in no way match the detail needed to identify an indoor allergen.

Mr. Hartman has taken and passed the Certified Ozone Technician course offered by NOAI. This group not only promotes the many beneficial uses of ozone but also develops standards of practice for the ozone technician.




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